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In our opinion, any day is perfect to hire a San Diego baby photographer. After all, babies are practically engineered to be cute. Whether they are sleeping, at play, or engaging with the world around, a baby is the perfect photography subject. So if you pick any day at all to hire a professional baby photographer, you can’t go wrong! However, there are some special occasions that may stand out more than others where you would want a photographer present. To help, we have put together a list of 5 events that justify having a baby photographer on hand. Enjoy the recommendations and then let’s talk over the options for your own baby photography portraits in San Diego.

1) Out Of Town Guests

If you have someone visiting from out of town, this is an ideal time to have your baby photographed. For example, if the grandparents are here for the weekend, they can be there in person to observe the session. What’s more, they can also take part! We love incorporating family members into our baby photography. It gives us the opportunity to get creative, and to capture the love that is being projected onto the young family member. Or your family may be more comfortable taking  step back and watching from the sidelines. This is perfectly fine too!

If there are multiple family members involved, we may do different configurations during the baby photo session. For example, Grandma with baby, Grandpa with baby, Grandma and daughter (aka “the mom”) with baby. That way, you will have a nice variety of photos. Also, each family member will have their own dedicated moment during the photo session, which will make them feel special. As a result, there will be one or more memorable images centered around each person, which they will be sure to cherish.

If there are many relatives in town who want to take part, please note that you’ll likely want to schedule more time for your baby portrait session. For example, you may choose to book your photography studio for two hours, as opposed to one. This way, there is enough time during the photo shoot to cover everyone, without being stressed, or trying to pack too much in.

2) First Haircut

As adorable babies look on any given day, the cuteness factor is multiplied when a haircut is involved. The entire process is photo worthy, from the apprehension of being placed in the chair to the first gentle snips. Even the nervous looks on parents’ faces are important to capture! Typically, the kid stylist or barber is very accommodating with the space, giving us a lot of room to be creative and have fun. Also, barbershops geared towards babies and kids tend to be bright and colorful, which means we have a lot of backdrops to work with!

If you like this idea, we will talk prior to the baby photography shoot to confirm details of the location. One of us will likely call the stylist beforehand too, so they know to expect us! Then, we will photograph the first haircut, regardless of whether there are tears or smiles all around. Either way, you will want to remember the day! Afterwards, its nice to round out the shoot with some time in a nearby park or outdoor area. This way, your baby has a chance to change environments, play, and maybe even enjoy a treat (applesauce?) as a reward for being brave. We will capture it all!

3) First Tooth

Initially, it may sound funny that a first tooth makes for a great San Diego baby photography session. After all, teething babies are not always in the best moods :) But there is something extremely fun, photography-wise, about when a first tooth emerges. It not only marks a new stage in your baby’s development, but it’s the beginning of when their features begin to change and evolve. It is comical to see one solitary tooth surrounded by gums, especially when your baby has a huge grin. Preserve this moment in time by hiring a baby photographer!

As mentioned above, a teething baby is not always a happy baby. As long as your baby smiles and cooperates for brief seconds of time, we will be able to capture the magic moments in between the not so happy ones. If your baby has a favorite teething ring or stuffed toy for soothing, we will incorporate this into the photo shoot. This way, your baby will be comfortable throughout the process!

4) Holidays

Of course, holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah go hand in hand with amazing baby photography. All the bright lights and colors are tailor made for a creative and high energy photo shoot. You may choose to have a photo session with your entire family, or one devoted entirely to your baby. Either way, the results will be treasured for years to come!

Like may clients, you may opt to hold your holiday baby photo session in your own home. This is great because it gives us a way to bring in elements of the family into the shoot. If a favorite aunt sent a “not so favorite” baby Christmas sweater, for example, let’s incorporate it! This helps to document the specific place and time, so it brings back sense memories years later, when enjoying your photos.

5) Birthday

Your baby may not completely understand the concept of a birthday, but they will know that a lot of attention is being devoted to them. Surrounded by their circle of baby friends, your little one will be quite the VIP. Whether enjoying a smash cake, basking in the love, or just taking it all in, your baby’s birthday will be full of moments worth photographing by an experienced professional. Let our expert baby photography team do the work. This way, your relatives  can relax and enjoy the party without feeling like they have to constantly be snapping every second. A few days after the party, you’ll be able to share the results with everyone, all in one place. With a San Diego baby photographer covering the birthday action, it will be a day to remember!

Do you have a momentous occasion coming up with your baby or family? Contact our family photography studio and we’ll talk over the details of your shoot or portrait session!

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