"True brings creative photographers who have a talent for thinking outside the box and come up with remarkable images. The photos are some of the most treasured items in our home. So thankful we have them." | Kirsten B.

About True Life Portraits


family portrait photography studio san diegoAs the founder of True Life Portraits, and more importantly as a father, family portraits are very precious to me. My older son, who is now experiencing his high school years, was once a tiny baby. Before that, he was a bump. Way back, when I was a younger San Diego photographer, I made a promise to myself to take time for portraits of these formative years, and of the milestones. I made it a priority. Now, because I did, I have images of all the ages and stages of his growth. Not just a quick snapshot, but a real photo session full of creative and stylized images that cover the walls of my home.

If you’re anything like me, then amazing photography of your family holds a special place in your heart. When a life moment is captured with a family photo session, we remember it. Not just the beautiful images that result, which last well beyond the shoot itself. But the excitement of getting ready, the fun of driving to the location, and the anticipation of being photographed together as a family. The specific smile on a child’s face when the photo is being taken. Not just the finished photos, but also the experience. It is precious and irreplaceable.

San Diego Photographer Team

Have you seen the web results when you search for a San Diego photographer? You’ll find that they are all over the map in terms of quality. For example, there are ultra niche boutique studios with extremely exclusive pricing. There are bargain basement services with results that are wildly unpredictable. And you’ll come across brand new photographers just starting out. It can get confusing fairly quickly.

Where we aim to be is to deliver the quality of work of a boutique studio, priced in more of the mid-range. This is so packages are attainable at different budget levels. If you love photography, and want to have amazing images captured of your family, we feel this should be well within reach. We also add our own twist and creative flair, so the resulting images are creatively produced, special, and unique to your photo session.

I would love to learn about your family, and share our approach with you for your family photos. I hope you’ll connect with me soon.

"I can tell you from my own experience as a father that preschool quickly turns into high school. Thank goodness for creative and stylized family portraits that capture and preserve each life stage!" | Aaron Feldman, Owner

Whether you are a parent-to-be, you have a new infant, or a full grown family, we have an expert photographer to match. Our creative and technically advanced team has been capturing San Diego family portraits for years, which shows in our portfolio :) I am here to personally set up your family shoot, and to arrange a time and location that works best for you. I will walk you through the process, put the shoot on our calendar, and ensure that you are exceptionally happy with your entire experience.


I mentioned that my older son is nearly grown, but my wife April and I recently welcomed a new addition. So family photo shoots are in our future for many years to come! Our studio looks forward to photographing yours, and to meeting your family in person.

"My mom said she spent 2 days on the computer looking at the photos over and over... Very professional and friendly the entire time, and captured all the little things that happen that you don't even realize. It was amazing, seriously." | David C.


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True Life Portraits (a division of True Photography)

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True Life Portraits
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