San Diego Family Photoshoot Team

Are you seeking a photographer for your San Diego Family Photoshoot? You have come to the right place. First, we have an award-winning team of creative photographers. We hand pick every photographer within our studio. These are not random shooters who answered an ad the week before the shoot. These are seasoned professionals and time tested specialists. In order to continually earn our reputation for quality, we have to produce amazing work on every single photo shoot. The person behind the camera makes all the difference, and our team is second to none.

Family Photos Cost

When you book our studio, what you are paying for is top photography talent. For example, your family photographer will have years of experience with portrait photography. We are all compactly pushing our boundaries and evolving, but no one is learning on the job. There are no tricks or gimmicks like heavy filters or effects to dress up an ordinary photo. Instead, we use our creativity to design a creative photo shoot around your family’s style and personality.

In order to make the family photos cost fit within most budgets, we offer flexible package options. This way, you pay for exactly what you are wanting. For example, if you wold like fine art prints and a keepsake album, this can be included in your family photography budget. Or, if you’d rather keep the deliverables minimal and focus on a few digital files you like most, this is an option also.

We feel that everyone should have access to high caliber family photography, within budget. When contacting our studio, let us know your budget considerations. This way, we can make great recommendations for you, with no corners cut.

Family Photography Packages

All of our services are offered at more of a mid-range photography cost, so you know what to expect when comparing to other studios. We aim to provide a customized and boutique feel within this price range, so you receive care and personalized attention. This begins from the very first time you connect with our studio. On the initial call, one of our family photography experts will ask you questions, and walk you through our photography process. We will also be ready to answer any question you may have. And, we will share our ideas for the family photography package that we believe will work best for your needs.

As we chat, we will give other recommendations for your photo shoot based on experience. Are you picturing your family portrait session at the beach? We’ll talk through some of our favorite spots. Want a local destination that makes everyone feel like a kid again? We have suggestions for this also. Essentially, anything you can think of, we have a photography solution to match.

Our Work

If you haven’t already, take a look through our Maternity Photos, Newborn Photography, Senior Portraits, and other galleries. These will give you a great idea of our visual style and creativity. Of course, if you have a brand new baby, then a newborn photo will resonate with you more than our senior portraits. So enjoy the galleries that are most relevant to you!

If you are looking for a specific location or type of photo shoot that you don’t see listed, please ask. Chances are we have experience in the specific area of photography you are looking for. Or, if you have a unique and creative idea for your own family photo shoot, please let us know! We are ready to be as adventurous as you and your family are. After the photo shoot, when the images are ready, we would love to feature you all on our website and online gallery. This way, you can share the link with friends and extended family, as proof of how much you enjoyed your experience. And we’ll show future clients how proud we are of your photo shoot by showing it off!

Booking Your San Diego Family Photographer

When you are ready to book your family photographer, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the online booking system above. This tool gives you everything you need to book one or more family photographers. You can also check rates and availability, so you know that we are open on your preferred day. If you get stuck or have any questions about booking, we are always happy to help.

In fact, we will stay on the phone with you throughout the entire booking process. This is how committed we are to earning your business, and to showing you the difference of what we produce vs other studios. Even if it comes down to a few dollars of difference, you will always be glad you went with True Life Portraits! One big assurance you have is that we are a division of True Photography, which is the #1 studio in San Diego. Our award winning photography team is known throughout the industry, as is our integrity and commitment to high quality.

In case you are not quite ready to book, please contact us at (760) 271-4853 or

Thank you!


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