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We are proud to be a San Diego family photographer team. Families grow and change quickly, even from one month to the next. Young couples evolve into parents of babies. Little ones then progress into toddlers, kids, and eventually college-bound seniors. These moments are vibrant while they are happening. But, as time goes on, they may become distant memories once the next stage takes place.


Our studio specializes in capturing pivotal life moments with creative and stylized images that stand the test of time. For example, you may be looking for maternity photos, a newborn session, or a portrait of the kids. Or, you may be seeing a photographer who will involve the whole family. No matter the need, we have an expert photographer to match. Our company, True Life Portraits by True Photography , has a dedicated team of specialized family portrait photographers. These individuals bring years of expertise in all aspects of family photography. Not only do they have technical precision, but they also have a creative eye. As a result, we will create beautiful and vibrant images that reflect your personality as a family. These portraits will become a lasting keepsake of momentous life occasions.


With our award-winning San Diego family photographer team behind the camera, your family portrait photos will have a place of honor in your home, and will be treasured for generations. Let's connect and make plans to capture a family photo session that you will remember for years to come.

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"True is extremely professional, responsive, well-trained and excellent in their craft. They truly excel over any other photography studio in San Diego. Thank you True for being so awesome!"


Your San Diego Family Photographer

Are you seeking a creative and knowledgeable San Diego Family Photographer to capture memories of your family? If so, you have come to the right place. Throughout the years, we have distinguished ourselves as the best family photography team in San Diego. This is because we are not only a group of photographers. We are creative professionals who specialize in images and portraits of families. Our photography team loves capturing images of families. From small groups to large gatherings, we have you covered!

Many clients reach out to us because they have seen our work on the True Photography website. For some of these clients, we have even photographed them before. For example, we may photograph a wedding for a couple. And then, a couple of years later, the couple contacts us with exiting news. They are expecting a new baby and are in need of maternity photography! Or, they have already started a family and are looking for nice family portraits for the holidays. We love staying in the lives of our clients, and capturing their families as they grow over time.

Other clients find us through this website, or by referral. With over 19 years in business, and the #1 Yelp Position for San Diego photographers, our studio has a long reputation for quality. We care very much about the happiness of our clients. In fact, we put our heart into every single photo shoot. This is so important to do, especially when capturing children, infants, and families. As a family photographer, you can’t just show up and take a few photos. You have to be engaged and on top of things at all time. You need to bring excitement, energy and creativity. This is what our studio does better than any other.

San Diego Family Photography Portraits

No matter your family photography need, we have an option to match. For example, let’s say you are having a family reunion in Coronado. We will not only help plan the photo shoot, but we will also recommend cool things to do with the family. If you are out and engaging in activity, this will keep the images from looking too posed and set up.

Even if there is a lot of planning involved on our part, we always want the images to look natural and fun. If you are throwing a frisbee on the beach, or riding bikes together, it is hard to come across as staged. You will genuinely be laughing and enjoying yourselves. These are the types of moments we like capturing most. With a trained photographer’s eye, we will take these scenes and create beautiful and memorable images. The resulting photo gallery will tell the story of the day, and give you long lasting memories.

Of course, we always want to be sure to capture the set up portraits also. For a large family, this could be different arrangements and groups for photos. As an example, siblings together, and then each sibling with each parent. Or a scene with just kids and grandparents. By mixing up the group participants, it creates a lot of variety in coverage. This will give you many choices down the road when it comes to ordering prints and framed photos.

Maternity Photo Shoot

Sometimes, it all starts with a maternity photo session. We set these up around the personality of our client. We like to go outdoors and do nice environmental shots, bringing in natural electrical,nts and scenes. For example, we may go to a low populated beach or secluded park. This gives comfort and privacy while capturing the San Diego maternity photo shoot. There are of course many stunning beaches within a short driving distance that make dramatic backdrops for maternity photos. With our years of experience, we will recommend some of our favorite locations. From there, you can choose the spot you like best, and we will begin planning the shoot!

If you have something specific in mind for your maternity photo session, please let us know. For example, let’s say there is a certain part of town or neighborhood that has special meaning to you. If this is the case, we will plan a custom photo shoot around your desired location. Even if you want the maternity photo shoot in the comfort of your own home, we are happy to oblige. Any new environment provides our photography team with an opportunity to get creative.

Prior to booking our studio, it is likely you will have other questions related to your maternity photo session. We welcome you to call our team or email us at any time. This way, we can share stories and insider tips about your maternity photos, and how to make them unique and special to you.

Infant Photo Shoot & San Diego Baby Portraits

A photographer may be a great technical and creative shooter. But that doesn’t mean they will be a natural at San Diego baby portraits. Taking artistic and stylized photos of infants and babies is a specialization all its own. It requires perseverance and, above all, patience. It may take 25 minutes of a photo shoot before the infant or baby is in the right mood to be photographed. Or 50 photos in a row to achieve that priceless reaction.

As highly trained infant photographers, we know how to capture those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. Often, our clients remark that we caught a cute glance or expression from their baby that they had never seen before. Working with our clients (the parents), we set up the photo shoot to be as engaging and successful as possible. This means timing everything around nap schedules, when the infant will be awake and alert.

Also, many baby portrait sessions are held in a private residence or nursery room. We scout this as we would any other location, such as a park or venue. We look for environments within the room that will give us the best photo compositions. This enables us to bring in many colors and elements to the infant portraits. For example, we may use a favorite baby blanket or bright blue stuffed animal for an unexpected color pairing. This results in images that are visually striking and bring out the personality of your little one.

Children Photo Sessions

As your kids get older, you will want to preserve their “ages and stages” with follow-up photo shoots. This could be timed with the birth of a new sibling, for example. Or, any number of “firsts” are reason enough for a photo session of growing children. For example, first haircut, first day of school, first time at a local carnival. When kids interact with the big world around them, it creates countless photo opportunities.

To make the most of your photography time, we will make a plan for your photo session. For toddler photography, this may mean going to an area in town such as Seaport Village. This is because there are lots of sights and experiences for your toddler to enjoy, all within one contained area. With the sand close by, as well as shops with different textures and colors, we will be able to capture a nice variety of images.

If your children are a bit older, they may be ready for an outing or adventure around town. For example, we could accompany you to a San Diego Padres game on family day! While your kids are engrossed in the game (or cotton candy), we will be photographing priceless reaction shots. The ballpark is a great place for photo shoots because there is lots of greenery, along with scenes and crowds. There is always something going on! With your kiddos in the center of the action, the resulting photos will be incredible.

San Diego Senior Portraits

Before they grow up entirely, it’s time to capture Senior Portraits. These are priceless because they preserve your teen at a precise moment in time. They will never be at this stage of life again, where they are about to have their own journey and completely independent experiences. It is an exciting and pivotal time.

In recognition of this, we create fun and captivating San Diego senior portraits that are designed around the personality of your senior. These are far from the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all school portrait approach. There is no backdrop with painted books where we line people up for their two second snapshot. Instead, we build an entire senior portrait session around your son or daughter. Whatever their hobbies and interests are, we bring these to life during the photo session. Even if your senior is typically shy and reserved, our personable photographers will have them laughing and enjoying themselves.

One thing to note is that senior portraits don’t have to be reserved for graduating seniors. If you have a teen who wants a creative and unique photo shoot built around them, we are happy to jump in. This could be for headshots, like for a school acting performance. Or, it could be just for the fun and life experience of us. Give us a little information about your senior or teen, and we will design a senior portrait session to match! You may even want to give a senior portrait shoot as a gift, which is an option as well.

Planning For Your San Diego Family Photo Shoot

As you can see above, there are so many reasons to have a family photo shoot done by our team. Whether you need a Christmas card image, an updated family portrait, or a new baby photo, we are ready to capture it. With care, charisma, and attention to detail, our creative photography professionals will bring the fun and excitement to the photo shoot. In the end, you will not only have amazing family photos, but also memories of the photo shoot itself that become part of your family story.

As mentioned, we love having ongoing correspondence with many of our clients. If you may be in need of a photo shoot, even if it’s a ways down the road, always feel welcome to reach out. It’s better to get something put onto our calendars as soon as possible, regardless of whether the target date is months away. If there are changes and adjustments, we have ways of being flexible. In addition to ideal photos, we want you to enjoy your entire experience with our San Diego photography studio. This way, you will revisit us over time, and tell others about our family photography :)

Booking Your Family Photography Session

If you are ready to book a shoot, or you have questions, the best thing is to contact our photography team. This way, we can start the conversation and begin coming up with creative ideas for you. If you give us lead time prior to the shoot date, it provides us with the opportunity to really think through a plan. But we also understand that last minute things happen.

For example, let’s say you have family coming in unexpectedly from out of town. In most cases, we will be able to come through with a photographer, even at very short notice. This is another advantage you have over booking a single family photographer or small studio, like a husband and wife team. With us, you have an entire company of creative professionals, ready to ensure that your family photo shoot is a success. We are also long established, with a five star reputation across the web.

Additionally, as division of True Photography, we are a highly trusted name in the San Diego photography community. Because of all these factors, and more, you can feel confident in booking our San Diego family photography team of experts. Let us plan a unique and artistic photo shoot for you that your family will remember for a long time to come. We would be honored to create the defining portraits that come to represent you as a family. We look forward to hearing from you, and to getting to know you all!

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