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Professional Senior Portrait Photography

Are you looking for creative and professional San Diego Senior Portrait photography? If so, you have come to the right place for unique and creative senior portraits. Our friendly and knowledgeable photography experts will explain everything involved in planning your senior portrait session. You don’t need to wait until graduation to book your photo shoot – it can be done at any time. In fact, you don’t even need to be a senior!

Our fun portrait sessions go well beyond what a school photographer can accomplish against a fixed backdrop. Instead, we take you out into the world for stylish environmental shots. The photo shoot is tailored around your own individual personality. So no two senior portrait sessions are exactly alike! We want to bring out the excitement of your stage in life, and design a photo shoot to mach. As soon as we learn a little about you, our creative photography team will start to envision ideas for your shoot.

San Diego Senior Portrait Locations

We are here to prove that San Diego senior portraits don’t have to be boring! Let’s pick a neighborhood with a lot of activity, which will give us a lot to work with. For example, let’s say there are colorful rock formations, street performers, or a naturally beautiful surrounding area. As you engage with your environment, we’ll be photographing you in different situations, for a nice variety of images. We’ll do traditional headshots and portraits, but you also will be up and moving throughout the shoot. This way, you will have a nice variety of images captured throughout the session.

We live in beautiful San Diego – why not take advantage of this? From Balboa Park to Mission Bay to the Gaslamp District, there is something for everyone. If you prefer the city life, then we may center your shoot around an urban downtown area. If you are more of a nature lover, then your portrait session will be better suited to a park or beach. Rest assured that we will not make this decision alone. Instead, we will work together to choose the ideal setting for your shoot. If you have ideas or questions, be sure to ask our photography team. We are always happy to provide our best recommendations.

Your Senior Portrait Budget

When it comes to the senior portrait budget, we can go as normal or as all-out as you’d like! Typical senior portrait sessions go between an hour to 1.5 hours. With pre-planning, this normally gives us plenty of shooting time. We are able to cover a lot of ground within this window. If you are looking for an extended shoot, we also have this available. For example, if you want to have multiple friends involved in your senior portrait session, you may want to extend the time. You may also be able to split the cost across two or three friends, which helps the budget goes further. As long as you’re happy sharing your shoot with other friends, we always recommend combining senior photo shoots whenever possible. Think of how much fun you will have as a group!

We understand that budget may be a major factor in determining who to hire for your photo session. Here is our take. If you love our work, and we are around your expectations, price-wise, it will be worthwhile to contact our studio. We have many flexible options and packages, including midweek specials. So unless we are way out of range, don’t let price keep you from reaching out to us. We charge a rate for top photography talent that works in most scenarios, in line with other San Diego senior portrait photographers. But in addition, we offer added flexibility and different package solutions. Typically, we are able to work together to find the option that works best.


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