3 Ideas for Your Family Reunion Photography

family reunion photography in san diego
If you love San Diego like we do, there’s a good chance that your relatives love it too. Our city is widely known as a vacation hotspot and traveler’s paradise. Who doesn’t enjoy summer weather year round, craft beer, and beaches that stretch for miles? So when it comes time for the family reunion, it’s a safe bet that your relatives will be headed here. As great as it is to be together, there is something that makes the occasion even more special and memorable. That is  a family photo session! So, how do you prepare for your family photography, having all the relatives in one place? We have you covered with these 3 ideas for your family reunion photography.

1) Choose a fun location

Once your relatives arrive, they likely aren’t going to sit still for long. If they are on the adventurous side, they will want to get out and explore everything the city has to offer. So why keep them cooped up for a family photo session? Our photographers are happy to capture your family on the go, as they are out enjoying the city. If your relatives are landlocked, let’s set up a shoot at Pacific Beach. Your young cousins will play in the surf with amazement.

If they are culturally minded, let’s do an afternoon in Balboa Park. Your relatives will love the wide variety of diverse backdrops. And for some all-American fun, let’s meet at the San Diego County Fair or the Mission Beach amusement park. A family photo session on a roller coaster is far from your average photo shoot. It is a day they will for sure remember!

2) Make sure everyone knows the plan

Being on vacation can put relatives in a different state of mind. For one thing, you may discover that even your most responsible family members are enjoying an afternoon nap. Or, your uncles might spend the entire morning at the hotel pool. If a family photo shoot has been arranged, it can be challenging to gather everyone when they are in vacation mode. That’s why it’s important that all relatives know the plan ahead of time. If the photo shoot is set for 5 PM, ask that everyone arrive at 4:30. By doing this, you will give yourself some breathing room. Your family photographer will devote the entire session to photographing, instead of tracking people down :) It is best to appoint one representative per family unit to ensure that their family arrives on time, ready to be photographed. Try to avoid early morning and late night shoots!

3) Have your photographer be part of the festivities

Family reunion photography doesn’t have to be staged and kept to one location. In fact, it helps when your photographer interacts with your family members, and gets to know their specific personalities. For example, all of our family photographers are highly trained and professional. In addition, they are fun and personable! We enjoy mingling with the crowd and photographing along the way. As a result, your images will be candid and natural, showing your family laughing and having a great time.

You don’t even need to set up a separate event to stage your photo shoot. If there is a dinner or party as part of the family reunion, our photographer can tag along and photograph your family throughout the occasion. This will result in relaxed candids along with more formal images such as table shots and group photos. Capturing your family dynamics as a family over the course or evening will give you a lot of variety in your photos!

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